Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

The potent headline!

The word millionaire is the dream, but the dream is not for everybody. Millions provide this opportunity a try. You wanted the millions too, so you follow the CROWD. But did you put the negative idea of “just the best will succeed.” Not the case as you can see and discuss on topics, their methods mostly entice readers.Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

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Did the heading give the excitement to you? This is the main reason men and women are doing things according to their peers’ commands! Every strategy and plan are like a game of life even in relationships! We must learn to take a step back rather than simply keep moving in aggression!

Can I succeed? “Well; not yet.” Is this answer to your question for a reader a sincere one? Yes, many seek the ‘TRUTH’; the keys to victory.

Well, this is up to the person to take action.

Here is the truth that is comprehensive.

The fact is not through following others all of the time as I explained earlier. Every problem, bear in mind; will require a DIFFERENT solution to solve! A shock to readers! The solution is easy!

Mostly, I hear some friends, telling me over the telephone, “I could do it!” But they still have not SUCCEEDED in receiving the “lady of the dreams”; to accept their date deal(s)!

I acknowledge, not all the time a “robust” approach suggested to peers; is to execute and wait for SUCCESS!

Ultimately, any difficulty faced is similar, preplanning and strategies is needed. However, much guts and ‘rationality’ is also involved!

Stanley Lai is a cancer survivor who dwelt and achieved awkwardly.

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