Which London Borough Is The Worst In Terms Of Fire?

Image result for london fire brigadeWhen you have a bustling city like London the fire services will be constantly busy attending to emergency calls at TPT Fire. However, there are several variables that make a neighbourhood more likely to have fires during certain times. The London Fire Brigade has released a fire census which shows that there are certain areas and times when fires are more likely to break out.

The data collected for the census showed that the busiest month for the service is July and that the time for fires to start is most likely 7 pm. It is rather unsurprising that the kitchen of homes is the most common location for a fire to start. Fire Facts 1966 to 2014 as the report is called showed that the number of first in the last year is approximately half of the number registered in the 1980s and the 1990s.

The boroughs of London highlighted in the report include Barnet and Enfield. In Barnet, there were only 609 fires in 2014 compared to 1295 in 2000. In Enfield, there were 724 fires in 2014 and 1450 in 2000 which means the number of fires has decreased by half the number.

The data the Fire Brigade has collected highlights the effects and impact community works have had in the area. The most commonly visited area by the fire services according to the report is Tower Hamlets. The report also states that in 1987 28.5 lives per million residents were claimed due to fires compared t 3.4 per million in 2014.

To limit the risk of fire in your home there are a number of precautions that you can take. It is recommended that you consider these precautions because of the increase of electronics and gadgets in the home which increases the risks of fire. Actions such as leaving devices plugged in could cause overheating which could lead to fires. Turning devices offer when you leave the house or go to sleep is recommended as it will remove the risks of fire while also decreasing the amount of energy you are using.

As the kitchen is the most likely location for fires to start, it is important that homeowners and tenants are aware of the hazards and what safety precautions should be taken when in the kitchen. Leaving a gas stove unattended is a hazard as is the improper use of appliances and equipment. Many people overload the sockets in their kitchens and this can cause a fire which has the potential of spreading through the house very quickly.

While there has been a decline in the number of fires reported in London there are still fire precautions that need to be taken. These precautions will ensure that the fire figures do not increase in the coming years.

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