What are the Benefits of Installing a Suspended Ceiling

Most modern houses have ceilings. The ceiling is mostly made of soft wood. The ceiling has a number of applications including for aesthetic purposes ,to reduce the noise of rain falling on the roof(sound proofing the room), to separate spaces, for perfect lighting of the room(by diffusion of light) or concealing wiring that is messed up together.

The ceiling is the part of the roof visible from the inside, hence is part of your interior. It is important to keep it classy and good-looking for your interior decor. One of the ways to ensure a good and pleasant looking ceiling is by having a suspended ceiling.

However, a suspended ceiling is not only for aesthetic purposes; it also helps achieve other meaningful ceiling purposes. Suspended ceilings are secondary ceilings (an additional ceiling below the actual ceiling) that leave a space between the underlying surface; mostly a floor or roof slab; and the ceiling itself. Suspended ceilings are of great use and with a couple of advantages over the other types of ceilings.

  1. Gives space for installation of building devices: The void left in between the ceiling and the floor or roof slab can be used for installation of sprinklers, heat and air conditioners, plumbing and wiring, smoke detectors, motion detectors, light fittings, CCTV, antenna etc.
  2. Fire-resistance: the suspended ceiling provides an air plenum. This is whereby the void between the suspended ceiling and the floor/roof slab forms a pressurized duct to supply air to remove air from the space below. This way it ensures the room above or below is fire-resistant. Suspended ceiling contractors have recommended the suspended ceiling as a good fire proofing mechanism.
  3. Easy to install: a suspended ceiling is quite easy to install. Actually a homeowner with ceiling installation knowledge can simply purchase the materials and install the suspended ceiling by themselves without the help of a suspended ceiling contractor. It is however recommended to ask for a contractor’s advice before installing the suspended ceiling by on their own.
  4. Conceals messed up wires and plumbing: a suspended ceiling can be used to conceal a couple of things. It maybe flaws on the actual ceiling; it is cheaper to install a suspended ceiling than doing costly repairs on the actual ceiling. Or pipes, ductwork or messed up wiring. The suspended ceiling contractor will advise on how exactly to do the concealing so that you don’t mess up with the structural measurements.
  5. Easy to remove: in case of repairs within the void area, one does not have to demolish the ceiling. A suspended ceiling is made of panels that can be easily removed and easily re-assembled after the repairs. This makes it easy for the suspended ceiling contractor to do the repairs.
  6. Provides efficient sound proofing: a normal ceiling will only reduce the passage of sounds. However, a suspended ceiling with fiber glass will cut off all sound passage. Hence, ensuring a quiet and cozy room.

Suspended ceilings can be used in homes or in offices. They are cheaper than doing costly repairs on the ceiling. They also come in different materials and colors hence the scope of choice is wide. They also ensure that the room is fire-resistant; all the more reason to get a suspended ceiling contractor and install a suspended ceiling.

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