What are Serviced Apartments and Why You Need This?

A serviced apartment is much different from a traditional hotel room. Usually, hotel rooms are booked on daily basis and rent changes accordingly. But a serviced apartment is available for short term and long term basis as well. You can even book a serviced apartment for more than a month.

Serviced apartments are fully furnished apartments. It is more than a home with all the facilities you need. You might have a big bedroom, a living room, kitchen, washroom and a gym as well in some cases.

In short, it is your second home when you are away from home.

Who can use Serviced apartments?

Well, anyone can book a serviced apartment if he believes that he needs it. But mostly serviced apartments are for those who travel a lot and they have to stay at a particular location for a long time. Corporate on business travel mostly use to rent out a serviced apartment.

It is best suited for those industrialists and business related people who travel with their family and they have to stay for weeks or even for months. They feel just like they are living in a home and not in a hotel.

What should you expect from a Serviced Apartment?

  • It has a separate living room where you can sit together with your family, or with the guests.
  • You should expect to have a TV, Free internet, WiFi, speakers and other latest technology.
  • A kitchen which should be fully equipped with an electric kettle, coffee maker, toaster, dish washer and dryer should be there in the serviced apartment.
  • One or more bedrooms should be there in the serviced apartment which should be designated for sleeping.
  • A bathroom where you should have a washing machine and a dryer as well is expected.
  • Water supply, uninterrupted electricity is the obvious thing that you should expect.
  • You should also expect weekly or even more frequent housekeeping service.

You can get all the services listed above, through Oxford serviced apartments and you can get more details from their official website. From oxford serviced apartments you can also get an in house GYM or you can find a nearby gym depending on the packages.

Final Verdict

Though you can get some services in a typical hotel room as well; but you cannot get all which are listed above. If you want to stay in a serviced apartment for a few days, then it might be costly but if your stay is long for a couple of weeks then a serviced apartment is cheaper as compared to a hotel room.

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