Wedding Gowns – Choosing A Style To Look Your Best

When you walk down that aisle, all eyes are on you and the gown you wear. So, when planning your wedding, you will need to take adequate time in choosing the perfect gown for your special day. Here are a few tips on how to choose a style that will help you look your best.

Keep your options open. It is common for a bride to have her mind set on a particular style of wedding gown, only to try on something different, and find she likes the second gown better. Obviously, no matter the wedding gown style you choose, the goal is to choose something that will play up your best features while hiding any flaws. For instance, if you have larger hips but a nice bust line, the dress should minimize the hips while focusing more on the upper body Vanila.

The style of the wedding gown should also coordinate with the type of wedding, the season, and even age of the bride. In this case, if you have a winter wedding, then a corseted, strapless gown would look out of place. Additionally, a strapless or heart-shaped neckline might be gorgeous on a younger bride but seem inappropriate for someone middle aged. Of course, this is your wedding and you should wear what you love but considering various factors will help you achieve the princess look you want.

Another important aspect of choosing a wedding gown is to work with a professional, someone who is trained to guide you to the right style. A professional at the bridal store is able to make recommendations while keeping your personal preferences in mind. Most importantly, try on a number of different gown styles to be sure you choose the one that fits best, is comfortable to wear, and looks fabulous. Keep in mind that each wedding gown manufacturer has a slightly different size chart. Therefore, while you might wear a 10 in one brand, another brand may require a smaller or larger size. To get you started with standard options, review the list of wedding gown styles below. Remember, you can always have a gown custom made, though for a higher price.



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