Top 10 Tips on Selecting Best Silver Baby Anklets

Silver baby anklets look extremely cute on any kid’s tiny feet. Here is a guide for you to follow when selecting silver anklets for kids:

  1. Genuine and pure silver – A lot of people make kids wear silver anklets for accessorizing purpose, but if you make the kid wear a silver anklet made up of pure silver, then it helps in preventing any kind of inflammation. These silver anklets or tiny anklets look beautiful and give a mesmerizing look to the feet. At the same time they give energy and divinity to your feet. So before buying anklet for kids, be sure of the purity of silver.
  2. Size of the anklet – When you go out to look for the perfect anklet for your kid, be sure of its size. It should not be loose or tight for the kid or else it can bother the child. You can either go with the anklet that comes above your ankle bone or one which comes under the ankle bone.
  3. Consider the age of the kid – If your kid walks and wears shoes, then you should be sure of buying one that doesn’t hurt the kid in the ankle. The silver anklet should not get stuck in her shoes and cause scratches.
  4. Silver anklet should not have sharp ends – Usually the locking part of the silver anklet is such that it can scratch or injure the soft skin of the tiny baby. So, before you buy a silver anklet, you should touch and feel to make sure that there is no part of the anklet which could hurt the kid.
  5. Choose a silver anklet to match today’s trends – The silver anklet should be as per today’s fashion and not be too outdated. You must go to a shop and ask them to show you the latest designs.
  6. Select a known and reliable shop from where you buy – You should always buy a silver anklet from a known shop. This is to make sure that you are getting a good quality anklet and also to ensure that you get an option to exchange or return the anklet as the kid’s size grows fast.
  7. Anklet should be bright – You should make sure that the anklet is shining when you buy. In case it is dull, then you can understand that it is an old piece which the shopkeeper is reusing.
  8. Silver anklet should make sound – Kids love sound around them. The kid would love the anklet if the anklet has balls which make sound when she moves his leg. Also, once your kid starts walking, it will be easy for you to trace the actual location of the kid following the sound.
  9. The anklet should have neutral colors – The silver anklet you choose should have neutral colors. It is difficult to change a kid’s silver anklet every day and every time he/she changes his clothes. So, you should go for silver anklets with colors which go with almost all dresses.
  10. Silver anklet should not be heavy – You should choose light-weighted silver anklets for kids. Kids cannot tolerate a lot of weight on their feet. Hence, keep the weight of the anklet in mind.

You will have to be extremely careful when buying a silver anklet for a kid. By following the small checklist above recommended by Stories of Silver Silk, you will be able to select the best silver anklet for your kid.

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