Tips To Create Better T-Shirt Designs for Printing

T-shirt printing is a good business and you can sell the printed t-shirts for different occasions. You can create different t-shirt designs for the Valentine’s Day, mother day, love day, Christmas day. You can also create the designs to spread the awareness about the breast cancer and other social issues.

But, creating the design is a difficult task as you have to analyze what will be liked by the people and what type of designs they won’t like. It is not necessary that the design which you think is a master piece might be useless for others.

Here are the few tips to create better t-shirt designs that your customers will surely like.

Take time to create your master piece

Don’t start creating the design without thinking. Take your time to explore your thoughts and try to use your creativity to make the best design. Creating 10 designs which are not attractive is not success, creating only 1 design which is catchy is a real success. So take your time to think and also sketch the design on paper as well.

Keep the Design Simple

It is good to create the design in detail and show the minor things but try to make your design simple to convey a simple message. Don’t try to cover a lot of things in a single design. One picture or a few words should say it all.

Consider Liking and Disliking of Your Potential Buyers

While creating a design, keep your market in mind. Designs or message in a design might be good for some market, but it might be offensive for other market. So always keep you potential buyers in mind.

Try Some Humorous Designs

If you want to make people happy, then try to make some funny and humorous designs. But make it sure that you shouldn’t crack low level jokes or the jokes which are disliked by the society.

Choose the Right Combination of Colors

Make it sure that you are using the right combination of the colors. You should know that the design you are creating will be printed on a light colored t-shirt or a dark color. In fact, you should know the exact color of the shirt, and your design’s colors should be according to the color of the shirt. Using the global colors option is good if you are using Adobe Illustrator.

Find a Good Printer

When your design is ready, you should find a good and reputable printing company. Advance Printwear could be a good choice if you are in Birmingham. Or you can find another local printing company in your area. It is good to stay in contact with your printer when creating the design so that you should know what type of colors your printer is comfortable.

Be Inspired but Don’t Copy

If you are inspired by another designer, that is good, you can get ideas from those designers but never copy the other designers. You should create something new with your own creativity; it is okay if you have taken the ideas from other designs.

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