The Erotic Sensual Massage

The sensual therapy has been around for centuries and has been used for a long time in health purposes, as well as aid for happiness. It has been known as a therapy in cases of female hysteria or, according to Pieter van Foreest (1653), it was the cure for the “womb disease”.

We are all different. We like different things, we look different, we think different. We also live a “always on the run” life, surrounded by stress and responsibilities, never finding time for ourselves. All that can influence one’s libido and health overall. This kind of massage therapies can relieve more than stress.

Even though blamed and compared to prostitution at times because of a common misunderstanding, it gained more and more popularity throughout the years due to the countless benefits that it brings. Contrary to all beliefs, this kind of massage, although very erotic, has nothing to do with intercourse or penetrative sex in any way.

These erotic-sensual sessions help in regaining mental control as well as enlightenment and are intended to heighten the sensitivity of an individual. In other cases, these sensual sessions  are used professionally to help men address the very uncomfortable problem of premature ejaculation, low self-esteem and confidence issues, or even depression.

When booking a sensual massage session expect a warm cosy environment, tantalizing scents and soft relaxing music. The connection between the recipient and the therapist in this kind of session is more intimate and closer. A hot shower or warm bubbly bath will set the right mood for a perfect experience. The recipient will then lay on the massage table or on the mattress and give into the expert’s hands who will use warm oil or gel to cover every inch of the skin. The therapist will help the recipient to relax all the muscles and also the mind. Deep breathing is required as it helps completely relax and there will be used slow, long, flowing strokes and techniques that aim to integrate the sexual, spiritual and physical into a massage whose purpose is the achievement of total bliss. The therapist will use fingers, palms, forearms and elbows to help de-tense the muscles and then will slide up and down on the recipient’s body, covering as much area as possible while inciting the recipient’s senses. The pressure will vary from soft and teasing to firm and relaxing and everything will mix into a perfect collection of sensations.

Turning to a specialist in sensual massage could improve your sex life and, most importantly, enhance your overall wellness. If you decide you want to give it a try you should do some research before and make sure you choose the best. Nowadays there are so many options that may get one confused. You should be honest with your therapist right from the start, tell them what you are looking for and find out what they’re providing. Also you should never think about price as no one enjoys a “cheap” service. Its not something one does daily and we can all use some pampering from time to time.

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