Take a Barcelona Bar Crawl

Image result for barcelonaYour stag or hen party will be one for the record books with a Barcelona Bar Crawl with The Spain Event. With our guides, your party will be able to get to sample the most famous, legendary hangouts together with a few hidden gems. You will all even get a few free drinks along the way.

Your guide will make sure your get free entry to a select strip club or night club after hitting the bars. Barcelona, incidentally, has literally hundreds of bars. These are a wide mix of cocktail lounges, salsa bars, tequila dens and old-school pubs.

With the options we offer you, you do not have to worry about having little time. You get right into your chosen bars at just the right time with your party and your guide. There are sure to be one or two that might come off as a dive or even a rip-off, but chalk that up to one more highlight of your night.

We will put together the perfect crawl and do it for you on your budget. We know that trends change, so we have routes change as well. We can always make sure to adjust the crawl to the individual party. You choose the types of bars you most want to hit and we will get you in. Pub crawls are excellent ways to see the older parts of Barcelona as well as the Gothic Quarter.

You will get to see four different bars and enjoy a free round of shots after paying for one. Your personalised tour will take you to four bars and it will ensure fairly that everyone will get a free round of shots for at least one round purchased. Talk to the locals and have a great stag or hen party. We won’t forget to take you to your nightclub later on for free.

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