Super Mario Maker for Computer

Super Mario Maker for Computer: Super Mario Maker is a creation video game that provides the features of scrolling. It is published by the Nintendo and developed by the Nintendo EAD. Super Mario Maker is only launched at the platform Wii U, in September 2015. The main feature of this game is that it provides the opportunity to the player to build the level of the games. These themes are the mixture of the previous version of the New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario World.

Team members of Super Mario Maker

Nintendo EAD is the Developer of Super Mario Maker, Nintendo is the publisher of it. It is directed by the Yosuke Oshino, produced by Takashi Tezuka and Hiroyuki Kimura, designed by Shigefumi Hino, and Arisa Hosaka. Hirotake Ohtsubo, Kenta Usui, Nobuo Matsumiya, and Mari Shibata are the artists and Koji Kondo, Naoto Kubo, and Asuka Hayazaki is the composer of Super Mario Maker.

Download the Game

Here is download button, which will let you play this game on your PC.

Features of Game

The main features of this game are that the behavior of object, enemies, and hurdles in different modes of the game. But some features are locked and you have to unlock them by playing the game. It also includes the objects like warp pipes, power-ups, and Goombas, but these objects can be changed by the player from many ways. Such as he can control the activities of the enemies, wrap pipes, and so on. The player can collect the shells to make the helmets, cannons, and Lakitu from the objects found in the game.

These combos are only available in this version of the game because of editing tool. An amazing feature in this game is that it allow the player to increase the size of the enemy from the mushroom, and to give the amazing features to them like flying and so on.

Sound effect of this game is also amazing, the sound frog is amazing and contains the sounds related to the specific location. It contains the microphone-recorded sounds, but diminish the user created sound. At the initial, only few editing elements are unlocked, but gradually they are unlocked as the courses are used.

Mario can change more than one hundred fifty costumes by using the amazing Mystery Mushroom. This feature was available in the Super Mario Bros. But in this game, it is known by the Super Mushroom and has the same functioning like the Mystery Mushroom. The player can unlock these costumes by completing the more than hundred Mario challenges, winning the events, searching the related Amiibo figurine. Amiibo figurine allows the Mario to get extra power shield to protect against the enemies.

When a player makes a custom course, he had to complete it by his own, and after completing the course he can upload this course to the Online Course world. Any player can play and access this course and complete a hundred challenges of Mario with hundred lives. Its levels start from easy and end to the super expert. At the start, the player is restricted from the taking more than one courses at the time but after getting stars he is allowed to upload more.

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