Planning to Host Your Wedding in a Garden? Here’s What You Need to Know

When wedding planning, there’s a lot to consider. You’ll spend hours searching sites like Azazie to find the perfect dress, browsing local directories finding the perfect caterer, and touring venues until you find the perfect one. Even after you’ve chosen your venue, there will still be a lot to consider. Gardens are a beautiful location to host your wedding, but if you’ve chosen a garden as your venue, here’s what you need to know and take into consideration.

The Weather Could Change Unexpectedly

It doesn’t matter what your location; if you’re planning a wedding outdoors, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case the weather changes. Even in the temperate Caribbean during the summertime, a rainstorm could roll in quickly. Keep an eye on the weather forecast, but even if it should be nothing but sunny, have a backup plan in case.

There Will Be Bugs

There are a lot of wonderful things about being outdoors—the fresh air, the natural scents, the sunshine, the trees and flowers, and more. Unfortunately, there are some downfalls to being outside too, specifically the bugs. If allowed, you might consider having a professional spray beforehand. If you’re more interested in a natural approach, though, you could look into essential oils, candles, and bug lights to help keep them away from guests and the food.

You May Not Have the Flexibility for the Setup You Wanted

When you host your wedding in a garden, you’ll have a very limited space you can use. Furthermore, not all points of the garden will have access to electricity that you may need for a band, the caterers, etc. You may need to get extension cords and other tools to make sure you have access to everything you need. You’ll want to get a photo of the garden or a layout of the design so that you can plan how you want everything organized before the day of the event.

You Won’t Need as Many Decorations

One of the benefits of hosting your wedding in a garden is the fact that the flowers, shrubs, water features, trees, etc. all act as décor. That means that you’ll be able to save a lot of money that can be used elsewhere and worry about adding lights and centerpieces, (if you want them).

You May Want to Provide Shade

As beautiful as gardens can be, if they’re open and have few trees, they will be covered in sunshine until the sun sets. This means that it can get hot and leave guests with sunburn if there’s no shade for escape. You may want to set up tents or canopies or bring in another source of shade to help mitigate the sunshine.

Make Sure You Consider Wind

Being outdoors means your event is subject to weather, but not just rain. Wind can pick up and cause some trouble at your wedding if you’re not prepared. You’ll want to consider the types of fabric you use, the tablecloths, and other lightweight aspects of your wedding. If necessary, get weights to help hold things down and make the night a little less dramatic.

You’ll Need to Make Sure Your Guests Can Hear

Without any walls for sound to bounce off of, it may be hard for your guests to hear everything in the ceremony—even guests in the front row could have trouble hearing. You’ll want to get microphones and speakers to broadcast the ceremony and be able to explain to all of the guests what’s going on.

You’ll Want to Be Conscientious When Planning Your Menu

Not all food does well outdoors. Ice cream is not a great dish to serve if you plan to have it sitting out in the sun, waiting for guests to pick up. You’ll want to work with your caterer to plan a menu that will refresh and fill guests without melting or going bad; if your caterer hasn’t done many outdoor events, you may need to do some research online to find suggestions.

You Need to Provide Plenty of Seating

Gardens may have a few benches strewn about in areas that have the best views, but there likely won’t be enough seating. Not only will you need seating for the wedding ceremony, but afterward you’ll want to bring in benches or other seating options that don’t take up too much space and allow guests to sit, talk, and relax.

What made you choose a garden as your wedding venue? What do you love most about the garden you chose?

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