Iphone Repair Myths You Should Not Pay Attention To In 2017

Iphones are cool alright, we love them. But just like other phones, they are bound to damage sooner or later. This is quite normal enough.

Time and again when your iphone spoils, the first thing that you are likely to do is jump to the internet which may feed you with unhelpful resources concerning your iphone screen repair. Here is a list of 3 most common iphone repair myths you will come along. Read, understand and share widely with other iphone lovers who need to know.

You can use uncooked rice to fix water damaged phone

If you have ever tried this before then you must have regretted the whole idea.  Burying your water- damaged phone in a bowl of uncooked rice is bound to fail. The belief that the rice kernels are going to miraculously drain the water in the phone is null and void.

It may end up making matters worse for you; the starch and sugar residues will even fasten corrosion of your iphone internally silently.

For Austin residents, the best thing to do in such a case is to contact iphone screen repairs in Austin and save yourself impending troubles. They have the latest equipment to fix water damaged phones.

Cracked iphone screens are only ugly

Yes, they are less appealing when cracked. But silently, cracked screens harbour greater risks. Cracked phone screens have been scientifically proven to cause internal problems to your phone when ignored in their cracked state for a long period of time. These could be touch screen malfunctions, dark spots, dead spots, and backlight malfunctions. So, getting a cracked screen fixed by a professional iPhone repair in Austin can help in alleviating all of these looming disasters.

Repairing your iPhone Isn’t worth the time and money

On the contrary, phone repair is worth your time and money. Buying a new is definitely more costly- but you can avoid it. If you contacted professional such as ATX Phone Repair concerning your broken phone, you may realise you had peanut of a problem – which can easily be rectified.

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