How To Turn Your Musician Blog Into a Business

Recently, you’ve been blogging a lot about your life as a musician. And what started out as a personal way of sharing your trials and tribulations with your friends and fans has suddenly started becoming more popular–which is why you’ve been thinking of turning it into a business. After all, influencers are making money on Instagram all the time because of their popularity, and online ecommerce startups are being started every day. So if everyone loves what you’re writing about your musician’s life, why not make money as a blogger?

The fact is, it’s all about getting started. Once you’ve decided how to design your website and who to cater to, you can start making money immediately. So if you’re ready to turn your musician blog into a business, read on.

1 Design a cool website

When it comes to selling anything online, the look of your website means everything. Maybe your most loyal readers will keep coming back to learn about the crazy things you’ve done on tour, and won’t mind that your pictures take forever to load. But most readers will. 53 percent of people will leave a mobile page if it takes more than three seconds to load–and many people will leave if your site is ugly. Take a look at these design trends of 2018 to make sure you’re ticking all the boxes.

Additionally, make your website mobile-friendly. The last thing you need is for potential customers to have to zoom in and out of their screens to see what you’ve written, or click on the image so that they can see it clearly. This isn’t just an investment in your blog now but in its future. According to Audience Bloom, “Mobile devices and mobile web browsing are poised to surge dramatically over the course of the next several years. The longer you wait, the more benefits you’ll miss out on, and the worse position you’ll be in for the coming years.” To learn more about how to make your website mobile-friendly, look at these tips.

2 Understand your readers

Right now, you’ve probably been blogging mainly for yourself. Maybe for your fans, too. But now that you’re making a business out of your blog, you have to think of potential customers. For example, if you’re going to be selling guitar lessons as an additional service on your website, you’ll probably want to write a blog post about how to choose the right guitar as a beginner. And it’s likely that many of your followers will be teenagers learning guitar for the first time, which means your tone needs to speak to them.

The key to understanding your readers is creating several buyer personas, and thinking of one every time you create a new post. This will also help you understand which social media platforms are best for sharing your posts. According to Social Media Today, a buyer persona is “a research-based profile that depicts a target customer. Buyer personas describe who your ideal customers are, what their days are like, the challenges they face and how they make decisions.” In addition to helping you know what to write, you’ll also learn what they can afford and what ads they’re more likely to respond to.

3 Master SEO

That brings us to our next point. In addition, understanding your customers will help you discover one of the most important elements of blogging: keywords. Keywords are the words the words your readers plug into Google whenever they search for anything, and if you use them correctly in your blog post URLs, images, titles, and throughout the text, your posts will appear sooner in a search. If you’ve ever done a Google search yourself (rhetorical point, of course), you know how important this is. Have you ever gone past the third page of results?

Google has over 63,000 searches a day, so mastering your SEO is key. To learn more about the ins-and-outs of SEO, check out this guide.

4 Decide how to make money

Finally, now that you’ve mastered SEO and know how to reach your readers best, you need to decide how to make money. Most bloggers make money from ads, whether they’re affiliate ads or selling ad space for sponsors. But as a musician, you can also get creative. You can sell lessons over Skype, or ebooks on what it’s like to live a musician’s life. You can even sell e-concerts, or offer lyric-writing consulting.

Considering that 76 percent of B2B marketers blog, it just goes to show how powerful a business this can be. So it’s time to get started!

Why have you decided to turn your music blog into a business?

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