Easy To Follow Diet Plan That Can Help Lose 6KG Weight in Just 7 Days

Sometimes we need a simple and low-term formula to lose weight which is also easy because you are soon participating in an event or a party where you want a slim and smart look.

The following diet is designed for people who want to lose weight in less time and they also have a prescribed diet. By using it you can reduce weight in one week before your event. This is a chemical diet which means that there are components that help in reducing weight and react together.

If you are following it, you can reduce the weight of 6kg a week and you will not increase weight on more foods and if you plan to get a complete and permanent solution for gaining weight then this diet can give you a good start.

When our friend in the past gave us this diet, we experienced it and saw it works. But a warning, which would seem to be very difficult and very crazy on the eggs, but if you continue it, then it will provide you to get immediate results.

To lose your weight you should use herbs in your diet plan as well. You can also use herbal diet plans and can use an iHerb coupon to get special discounts. Follow the rules below if you want to lose your weight:’

  • If you use this diet a week, break at least two weeks before you start it again.
    No alcoholic drinks are allowed.
  • Everything else is forbidden except for things written.
    No alternative diet.
  • Use of butter milk and fat is prohibited.
  • In addition to tea, coffee lime tea, grapefruit juice tank water and soda plus nothing other than normal water that will reduce your hunger.
  • In addition to eating vegetables, leaves of salad, don’t take anything else which is not mentioned in the diet plan below.

Here is the 7 days diet plan which you can follow to lose your weight in just one week.

1st Day: Breakfast, with a sweet bread & tomato in the morning. Take the fresh fruit salad in the lunch. Eat as much as you want, but do not eat in the same seat. Two boiled egg salads and grapes in the dinner. Remember that this is the first day of the day, but it will be easier to go ahead.

2nd Day: Breakfast with Pomelo and a boiled egg lunch with lentil meat mint salad. Take the snack and the salad in the dinner. Now you feel better than yesterday.

3rd Day: Breakfast with boiled and cooked eggplant, while for the lunch take two eggs with tomato and in the dinner, take lamb’s meet with ajowan and cucumbers.

4th Day: Breakfast with a slice of bread and 2 egg, lunch will include fresh fruit & eat salads of any fruit whichever you want. Two boiled eggs with pomelo and salad and grapes can be taken in the diner.

5th Day: One dry slice and two boiled eggs in the breakfast. Eat two boiled eggs with tomatoes in lunch while accompanied by fresh or tan-packed fish with fresh salad in dinner.

Note: You can check a list of these natural weight loss drinks that you can easily prepare at home and these drinks work as well.

6th Day: Eat one boiled egg in the breakfast and then drink a glass of pomelo juice. While in the lunch, take fresh fruits of your own choice and eat the fruit salad with no sugar added. While for the dinner, take roasted chicken with some vegetables.

7th Day: For breakfast, take two boiled eggs with fried tomatoes. In the lunch, again take two boiled eggs with spinach. While in the dinner, take baked meat with salad.

With this diet plan, you will lose your weight up to 6KG easily in just 7 days.

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