Discount Wedding Gowns – What’s the Catch?

A bride recently asked me what the catch was with buying a discount wedding gown online. At first I thought she was joking and then I realized that most brides are new to the whole task of buying a wedding gown. They don’t have the years of experience of being in the ever changing bridal business. For that reason I decided to write a short article on the “catch” with buying a discount wedding gown,Vanila Wedding Shop Dubai.

Discount should refer to getting “money off” the recommended retail price and not refer to a poorer quality of gown. Unfortunately many gowns which are at the lower end of quality are called discount dresses but they should not be. Where this type of gown is concerned you are not getting a discount because you actually pay what the dress is worth. A $150 gown is quite often exactly that, a cheap dress and the seller could never get any more money for it regardless of where they sell it; therefore they may call it a discount gown but it clearly isn’t.

Do not despair because there are many gowns in that price range which are quality and have been discounted from much higher price tags. So what is the difference you may ask? One is a gown made for the lower end of the market and aimed at people who cannot afford much more or do not wish to “waste” money on an expensive wedding. The other is a gown made for the middle to upper price band but for some reason is being offered at a huge discount.

Why would anyone sell a quality gown at a discounted price? There are many reasons for discounting the price of wedding gowns and I’ll list a few here:-

  1. Surplus stock; too many gowns of that style where produced .
  2. A high street store clears out last year’s stock for the coming season.
  3. Bankrupt stock; stores go out of business continually.
  4. Online stores have much lower overheads that the high street.
  5. Online stores do not charge for in-store assistants.
  6. Online stores often do not have to carry stock so do not have that huge expense.
  7. Online competition forces prices down to the advantage of you the bride.

I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. There are many reasons for a quality wedding gown to be offered at a discounted price. Do not look this “gift horse” in the mouth, rather do an extensive search online and pick up a great bargain.Finally there is no catch so long as you buy from a reputable online outlet.

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