Differences in the private and shared proxies

Proxies are actually the forms of intermediaries that are really important which a person is working on the internet. The position of the buffer is assigned to the proxy server between the internet and a person. A person can anonymously surf the world wide web, as well as the IP address of that person, remains hidden. People buy privately shared proxy to access some specific websites. There are some sites that are blocked by the firewall and by the use of proxies that restriction can be overcome. Some of the proxies provide services free of cost which some charge fees. Here are some of the differences between the private and shared proxies.

Difference in the speed

It is known by many people that in comparison of private and shared proxies in terms of speed, the private proxy is always the winner. They offer better speed and it takes no time to load the page. However, the public or shared proxies take a lot of time and the person becomes prostrated. The quality of shared proxies is not so high because many users are using them at the same time. In the case of private proxy, only the person authorized is using the proxy so the traffic does not become so high and he can enjoy the high speed.


As the shared proxies are openly available so they do not ensure complete security of the person using it. Some of the cheap private shared proxy offers security to some extent because they have both features. If a person enters his personal information like credit card number or other personal details, he must be really careful with the public proxies. However, in the case of private proxies the security level delivered to the customers is exceptional. All kind of information is kept confidential and no kind of phishing and other hackers can attack the personal information used in private proxies. The reason behind this high security is that a unique address of internet is assigned to the specific proxy and it becomes impossible to access that particular address.

Reliability and anonymity

The privately shared proxy can offer anonymity as well as reliability because a person purchases a special proxy based on the special internet address. Public proxies cannot be trusted because they are vulnerable and can expose the data. They work through the rules of transparency because of which they can even pass the data to the website a person is visiting. On the other hand, private proxies provide a complete guarantee that the data entered by a person will not be visible to any other individual. A complete security standard is met when a person works on the internet through this platform. Also, private proxies work longer as compared to the public ones. Only a single person is using them so the queries and problems are resolved at the right time and as a result, no problem remains for a long time. So, for complete safety, a person must choose a private proxy.

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