Diamond Ring is A Symbol of Love Power and Wealth

Importance: Rings with diamonds are usually a symbol of marriage as well as engagement. Throughout history, diamonds were commonly used to show love, power and wealth. Ancient Greeks described these valuable rocks as “the tears of god.” Diamonds are actually formed by carbons that are crystallized. These are extensively used in jewelry and ornaments. However, the use of diamond in rings is not that old of a trend. Initially, it was just used to show romance and only for loved ones. However, these are usually presented to show commitment, affection and love. Other items like necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings are also available in this stone but rings have their own beauty and significance that is above all other items. These rings are greatly available in UK.

Diamond settings: Loose Diamonds can be used in rings in different ways to create various impressions and styles. These rings are blended with white gold, gold or platinum bands. There are several settings available for diamond on different rings. ‘Tiffany setting’ is the most common setting available. It is usually set with platinum band. This band provides more strength to the ring. ‘Bezel setting’ is the more modern setting. This gives protection to the diamond by forming a collar. Nowadays, ‘tension rings’ are also very important. In these rings diamond is fitted and fixed by a special and different technique. This technique makes the diamond to rest at its place for hundreds of years.

Shapes available: Diamond rings are available in many different shapes and sizes to suit different choices. Some of the most popular shapes are discussed below.

Round: This is a suitable item for all events and it is the most popular shape in ring. 75% of the rings are sold in this design. Unique styles are adapted to cut these diamonds. However, it is the most expensive cut that is available.

Marquise: This effect is actually created and derived by a bow-tie style. It is excellent style when used in a big diamond. The typical diamond cut in this shape has fifty six facets.

Princess: This is a brilliant and unique shape, having uncut and sharp corners. Typically, this shape is cut in square than rectangular form. Usually, it has seventy six facets. These facets give it more fire and brilliance. So, if compared with round shape, this offers more luminous and brightness to the ring. Nowadays, in the United States it is most popular shape. However, this requires technical approach when fitting into the ring otherwise the edges may crack or chip.

Quadrillion: This is a square shape diamond having forty six facets. It has star shape. It is comparatively a new cut.

Radiant: It is square as well as rectangular cut with finished edges. It has sixty plus facets. It gives more brilliant and dazzling impression to a ring.

Emerald: It is usually cut in rectangular shape. The facets act like mirrors. The angle, shape and size of this diamond make it less brilliant. However, this diamond reveals that elegance and beauty that no other cut offers to a ring.

Oval: This cut has large area as compared to round cut. These gained popularity as engagement rings. These are most common among ladies with short and small hands and fingers because the oval shape gives length to their small hands.

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