6 Money-Saving Strategies For Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

Brides have an opportunity to choose the suitable styles and colors for their maids according to the wedding theme and venue. There are also complementary accessories for these dresses which are designed for different personality, skin complexion, and hairstyles. The best bridesmaid dresses are ones which either contrast or complement a bridal gown. Above all, they should be affordable. Alfred Sung bridal collection offers different designs for bridesmaids which come in different prices. This guide is meant for a bridal crew that wants to save money.

  • In-season shopping

Most weddings occur during summer. This is a good time to shop because there are too many customers for bridesmaid dresses. The party period also comes with creative designs because every designer wants to lure more customers. This is the perfect time to get Alfred Sung bridesmaid dresses at reduced prices.

  • Choose less sophisticated styles

Higher costs are often associated with complexity of a dress. If there are certain details that bridesmaids can forego, then simple designs can save a lot of money. The other advantage of choosing simple styles is that they take less time to make so that bridesmaids can have them well in advance.

Source: Breathtaking Dessy bridesmaids in our Alfred Sung By Dessy Collection. Trendy Bridesmaid Dress Style At Couture Candy!

If there are minor adjustments that need to be made, the bridal crew may choose to make such modifications on their own. This would save costs that a dressmaker or designer would demand.

  • Renting

If money is really a problem and the bridesmaids need high end dresses from Alfred Sung bridesmaid collection the best option is to hire the dresses for the wedding ceremony.

  • Short bridesmaid dresses

In the contemporary society, brides do not hesitate to explore modern styles of making a wedding memorable. For instance, they pick peculiar themes, sophisticated bridesmaids dresses, and unfamiliar venues. Short dresses for the girls are very famous for virtually any type of wedding from beach wedding, garden wedding, or black tie ceremony. The important thing is to make sure that the short dresses stay in line with the environment and not upstage the bridal gown. Bridesmaids with shorter bodies are the perfect candidates for short Alfred Sung dresses. As compared to full-length gown, the short designs are cheaper since they need less materials and labor, well, that is, if they have a simple style. Short dresses also allow for better movement and so one feels more free than when dragging some long extensions behind the dress. Short dresses are a huge investment in a woman’s wardrobe as they can be used over and over. If every bridesmaid were to wear a short gown, then the overall cost would be reduced. More exciting ideas include adding dynamic hairstyles and jewels. Those who are not comfortable showcasing the legs can opt for knee – length dresses and they would still emerge as stunning as the rest.

  • Borrowing

Bridesmaids can borrow dresses from their sisters, mothers, or friends. Besides saving on expenses, borrowing can help a girl make her dream come true by witnessing their friend make a great step in life.

Source: Dessy Group girls looking stunning (FB) – The Alfred Sung bridesmaid collection

  • Arm twisting a designer

Brides should contact a designer to enquire for bridesmaid gowns of her dream. Then she can make an order, pay for a deposit but hesitate to pick the dresses. She can for instance give a lame a lame excuse like a change in wedding theme. Since the designer has already received a down payment, they may reduce the overall cost if the bride decides to change her mind. However, this should be done in advance because it is a calculated move that needs a lot of care. It sounds creepy but in the end it saves budget.

Note that it doesn’t hurt to bargain for a dress. Nobody said that the full price tag in a dress has to be paid. Designers are businessmen and they understand that everyone seeks convenient means of obtaining any item.

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