4 Handy Tips for Extracting Juice from Cold Pressed Juicer

Everyone is turning towards better health these days. To stay fit, people are enrolling themselves in various fitness programs, eating healthy food and drinking healthy too. When it comes to drinking healthy, having a juicer grinder at your home will be the most viable option for extracting fresh juice from vegetable and fruits.

Due to the presence of a variety of juicers in the market, it is important to streamline the product that helps you in maintaining your fitness regime. As per a market analysis, cold-pressed juicers are the most opted juicers by the buyers. According to researchers, drinking juices extracted from such juicers can help people in improving immunity, fight illness, detox your body and also lose weight.

As the name suggests, cold pressed juicers work on different extraction techniques that press the juice instead of blending it. The heat produced is less, which in turn helps in retaining the nutritional values. This new variety of juicers crushes the fruits or vegetables first and then presses it (similar to ancient methods of extracting juice), which helps it retain the nutrients and give out an additional volume of juice than earlier models.

The buyers need not be worried about the juicer price as they are reasonable to afford and easier to maintain. But, before buying your perfect cold presser juicer, you need to be aware of the tips for extracting juice from this juicer:-

  1. Peel off the Unnecessary Skin from the Fruits and Safeguard Your Health-

Unless the fruits and vegetables are organically produced, you need to avoid adding fruits with skin to the juicer. The microbes present outside the skin may still be present because less heat is produced to make the juice and you may end up falling sick.

  1. Avoid Adding Fruits That Have Very Less Water Content-

Drinking 100% fresh juice without adding any additional sugar or water is impressive, but isn’t a wise decision when it comes to extracting juice from veggies or fruits that have less water content. It may end up disturbing the mechanism of the juicer and ultimately trouble you.

  1. Drink High-Quality Juices by Constantly Checking the Taste of the Produce-

It may sound absurd, but during the juicing process don’t keep running the machine for a longer duration. Instead keep looking at the progress and check the taste during intervals. More churning of the juice might lead to a bitter taste and will definitely not be an ideal choice for drinking supplement.

  1. Use Fresh Vegetables and Fruits-

Make use of fresh vegetables and fruits for extracting juice from cold pressed juicers as this kind of produce has more juice. Some fruits that are particularly suitable for juicing are pineapples, watermelons, beetroots, sugarbeet, and tangerine.

If you are looking around to buy a cold pressed juicer for an affordable price, you may want to visit the stores online and offline of leading brands like Kent that offer juicers at a decent price.

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